WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal?


Recently many users are switching to Signal and Telegram, because it is more focused on privacy. But it does lack some features seen on WhatsApp, and we wish these were available on the platform as well.

It’s good to see people are more concerned about their privacy and personal but other platforms like Signal and Telegram need to be good as WhatsApp to make the internet a better place for now and future however I believe that Telegram is good enough and even somehow it’s more secure than WhatsApp. However some people don’t like Telegram user experience and Signal is not good enough to compete with WhatsApp so it’s the reason why many people rather use WhatsApp than having a good privacy on the internet unfortunately.

WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal?

I understand why many people don’t use Signal but I can’t get it why many people don’t use Telegram or finding it confusing although it has a lot of features, great user experience and also great privacy for your data.

If you are concerned about your privacy on the internet I suggest you to stop using WhatsApp and start using Signal or Telegram instead.

Sam Bassari


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